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Row by Row Experience 2017

Thank you to all the wonderful customers who have visited our store to purchased our 2017 Row by Row kit or pick up our free pattern. Many customers were visiting Edmonton and took the time to drop in. Your support is greatly appreciated.

The theme for the 2017 Row by Row Experience is ‘On the Go”. We had many, many  compliments for our row and with being our third year participating in this event I want to share with everyone a little ‘behind the scenes’ . Each year all of us here at Earthly Goods put on our ‘idea thinking caps’ to come up with a design that reflects the theme as well as our province and of course our store. This process begins in early February and continues until we can all agree on a final design. Next comes the drafting of our design into a pattern along with simple to follow instructions. When we choose fabrics we also have to inquire as to the availability of such fabrics. It’s our mandate to make certain that our kits will contain the same fabrics as our store sample. We make a sample of our row to verify that the pattern instructions and fabrics requirements are correct. Then comes the cutting, labeling and packaging of our kits and lets not forget the printing of our pattern. This usually starts the beginning of June and continues until we run out of kits. Whew!!!!!!

Only brick and mortar stores can participate in the Row by Row. Unfortunately, with the closure of our store-front Earthly Goods Quilting can no longer sell our kits or and out our pattern until this years event is over. Kits will be available after November 1, 2017. To reserve please email info@earthlygoodsquilting.com.

Thank you

Earthly Goods is a full-service quilting store!

In business since 1985, we are one of Canada’s foremost full-service quilting stores. We stock an extensive array of fabric, books, patterns and notions.

We offer our well-known educational program for beginners – the “Quilting by Degree” program year round.

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Our staff are experienced quilters. We all take the Quilting by Degree program; most of us are graduates. Many of our staff members are also class instructors.

Our goal is to provide the inspiration, encouragement and assistance you need to get your project underway.

Interested in a class? We can explain our courses and assist you in choosing a class that is suitable to your interests and skill level.

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Patti Hansen


Patti’s relationship with Earthly Goods Quilting goes way back. She completed the Quilting by Degree Program and in 2006 started working for Earthly Goods. At that time, she had her sights set on working in the store and teaching. Little did she know that one year later she became the second owner of Earthly Goods Quilting.

Patti loves all types/styles of quilting, but if she had to pick some favorites it would be needle-turn applique, English paper piecing and hand quilting.  In todays, fast-paced world Patti strongly embraces the ‘slow stitch movement’.

Patti’s philosophy when choosing fabrics for her projects is simply “why only choose five fabrics when you can have twenty-five. The more the better”. This same philosophy applies to the number of projects she has in various states of finish-ness. The more the better!

Karen Osatchuk


Karen grew up on the Bar-U-Ranch, 60 miles southwest of Calgary, in a family of very active artisans. This gave her a solid grounding in an exceptionally varied field of craft skills, from moose hair tufting to willow basketry to needlework.

Karen holds a Liberal Arts degree from Trinidad State Junior College (Trinidad, Colorado) and a BSc degree in Clothing and textiles from the UofA (Edmonton, Alberta). Karen has been instructing all over Alberta in the Fibre Arts field for the past 30 years. She has been a mainstay at Earthly Goods Quilting since 1989 an instructor and sales associate, “loving every minute”.

Karen is very active in many areas of fibre and needlework. She has taught for other organizations including the Edmonton Needle Work Guild at their Fibre Potpourri festival in 1987, 2007 and 2008 and at Quilt Canada in 1988 in Calgary and in 1991 in Ottawa. She is long-time member of the Edmonton & District Quilters Guild, Edmonton Needlecraft Guild and is a board member of the Focus on Fibre Art Association. Karen belongs to the National Button Society as well as the Edmonton Button Club. Another favourite group she belongs to is the Wooly Bees – a 10-member group who meet once a month working strictly with wool fabrics. Karen also enjoys her membership in the Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society!

Although Karen is officially retired, she keeps very busy enjoying her family (46 years married to Dan, two children and two grandsons), gardening in her beautiful backyard, and a variety of friends. She is a member of the Queen Alexandra Community League.

Her teaching portfolio for Earthly Goods currently includes Applique Basics (part of the Quilting by Degree program), Beading Basics, Needle Felting, Stargazey techniques, It’s A Wrap (baskets), Summer/Winter Pears (embroidery). Together with Wanda Cracknell, they host Grad Club, an exclusive program for graduates of the Quilting by Degree program.

Karen’s love of fine needlework can be found in such projects as silk ribbon embroidery, rug hooking, cloth dolls, crazy quilting, punch needle embroidery and wire ribbon basics. Karen’s work these days focuses on a collage of her favourite techniques – rug hooking into a wall hanging made of wools, exquisitely embellished with embroidery, beads and buttons. Karen has won a few ribbons for her pieces.

Winners of The Prairie Rose Challenge (Edmonton & District Quilt Guild bi-annual contest) have been fortunate to receive one of Karen’s heavily embellished prize ribbons. Each of the seven category ribbons are encrusted with beads and buttons, taking Karen 5 hours each. “I love beading and making these ribbons is my chance to give back to the Guild.”

Karen has a lifetime of memories tied up in her projects and a stash like no other! “I keep the majority of my stash in the attic and my husband fears if I add anymore, the ceiling will probably give way!” Some finished pieces are proudly displayed while others are given as special gifts. “Life is great…. Do what you love to do and don’t mind what others think!”

“Earthy Goods has become my happy place….it is where I go when I need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday work/life. I am always inspired by the latest fabric or the newest quilt pattern. The staff make me feel like I belong and are always willing to help me with an challenges I am facing on my quilting journey.”