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Earthly Goods is proud to present the program for which we have become famous!

These in-depth classes provide approximately 81 hours of expert instruction in quilt-making basics. You can find information about each class our newsletter during the period when the classes are offered..

We record each class you take in our computer database and keep the list on file until completion. There are no time constraints and you can complete the courses at your own speed. Our fastest graduate completed the program in three weeks. Many of the more than 800 people registered are enjoying a more leisurely pace!

Graduates will be recognized in the newsletter and presented with a diploma.

As a Grad Club graduate, you receive a 20% discount once during your birthday month each year.


  • Quilt Labels, Etc. (6 hours)
  • Quilt Binding (6 hours)
  • Rotary Cutter Basics (6 hours)
  • Primarily Patchwork-Block Construction (12 hours)
  • Primarily Patchwork-Quilt Construction (12 hours)
  • Hand Quilting (6 hours)
  • Machine Quilting (6 hours)
  • Foundation Piecing (6 hours)
  • Colour Wheel Basics I (6 hours)
  • Colour Wheel Basics II (6 hours)
  • Applique Basics (6 hours)