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It seems as if the art of sewing by hand has become lost in recent years. Why would a person want to sew by hand rather than with a sewing machine in this day and age? In today’s fast paced society, we tend to move quickly and prefer instant gratification. Oftentimes quilters are trying make quilts quickly, using simpler patterns on a sewing machine. I personally enjoy sewing by both machine and by hand, and I think there is a time and place for both. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of hand piecing.

1. Hand piecing is simple and inexpensive. There is no need to buy an expensive sewing machine! Templates are used repeatedly and can be made out of household items, like freezer paper and cereal boxes. The only items that are truly needed for hand piecing? Fabric, scissors, templates, pins, needles, thread, and thimbles.
2. Portability. You can hand piece anywhere! Pack up your hand work and bring it along with you. You can sew in the car, waiting rooms, hotels, sporting events, or in your backyard.
3. Precision. Hand piecing is highly controlled and very forgiving. Matching seams and perfect points are easily attained! Complicated blocks with tricky seams and plenty of pieces are finished accurately with hand piecing.
4. Relaxation. There is something therapeutic about working quietly with your hands. Many people like to sit on their couch and hand sew while watching TV. It is also a nice time to socialize. It is a quiet craft, so it makes for a nice project to work on when talking with friends.


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