English Paper Piecing

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Confident beginner
$65 (includes templates)

With traditional patchwork, you cut fabric pieces in precise shapes and sew with consistent seam allowances to create a patchwork fabric. This is fairly straightforward when sewing squares, strips and rectangles, but, when it comes to more irregular shapes such as hexagons, challenging triangles and jewel shapes, traditional patchwork becomes an advanced skill. Many struggle with accurate cutting of these finicky shapes. Little variances in seam allowance quickly snowball into disappointing results.

English paper piecing changes all of this! With EPP, you don’t have to cut shapes precisely or sew a consistent seam allowance. Instead, you use the magic of a paper template to define shapes. Patti will show you how to use these paper templates, sew the templates together with a hand-stitching method along with her own special techniques.

Get ready to get hooked!!!!

  • It’s easy
  • It’s precise
  • It’s portable and compact
  • It’s meditative

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