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Earthly Goods is proud to offer the Master’s Quilting Degree Program!

These in-depth classes provide a total of 52 hours of expert instruction in advanced quilting.  These classes allow further development in areas of personal interest.  All of these classes are also open to anyone not taking the Master Quilter Program as long as the prerequisites are met.

We record each class you take on a computer database and keep the list on file until completion, with no time constraints. Our fastest graduate completed the program in three weeks. Many of the more than  people registered are enjoying a more leisurely pace!

Master Quilters receive a 25% birthday discount and a certificate of completion. There are currently over 236 people enrolled in the Master Quilter Program.

Note: Students who finished their Quilting by Degree program before September 2004 will also take Foundation Piecing and Quilt Labels etc. as part of their Master’s.


  • Colour Wheel III
  • Colour Wheel IV
  • Design Fundamentals I
  • Design Fundamentals II
  • Design Fundamentals III
  • Design Fundamentals IV
  • Design Fundamentals V
  • The Quilt Dimension